Winstrol Stacks

Once Winstrol pills or injections have been taken successfully for one or two cycles, individuals may want to ramp up their efforts by “stacking” this steroid with others. Stacking Winstrol for women is recommended more often than in men. That’s because Winstrol is one of the most effective steroids for women users, and often provides more effective results for females than it does for males. That doesn’t mean it’s not used by men, as they can still see amazing results from taking Winstrol as well.

The exact stack that is recommended will depend on whether the goal is to improve physique or enhance athletic performance. A few of the other steroids that may be used in conjunction with Winstrol pills or injections are Equipoise, Trenbolone, and Arimidex. It can also be stacked with other supplements, especially the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or various forms of testosterone. Only one item at a time should be added to a stack in order to ensure there are no complications. Most sports nutrition specialists recommend taking no more than three or four other supplements at a time as well.

Winstrol for women and men alike is effective when trying to increase muscle mass. Users should start with a high quality product from a reputable dealer, and then obtain advice from a physician or sports training professional to ensure the best results in the least amount of time possible.

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Known Stacking Combination

  • Winstrol + Sustanon
  • Winstrol + Sustanon + Testosterone
  • Winstrol + Andriol + Clenbuterol
  • Winstrol + Anadrol + Andriol

So, What Is Winstrol?

Example Bulking Cycle

  • Weeks 1-6: Sustanon 5mg Equipose 50mg Winstrol 5mg Daily
  • Weeks 7-12 Sustanon 5mg Equipose 50mg Daily
  • Weeks 13-16 Clenbuterol 5mg Andriol 5mg Trenbolone 5mg Daily
  • Weeks 17-20 Clenbuterol 5mg Equipose 50mg Winstrol 5mg Daily

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