“What is Winstrol?” This question is common among anyone who is new to anabolic steroids, and it’s a very good question, indeed. There are at least a dozen different options out there, and each one has its own set of benefits and downfalls.

Winstrol is generally considered a “cutting” agent, as it helps facilitate weight loss and provide muscular definition. What’s more, Winstrol side effects are generally mild, and this only adds to its popularity.

Is It Hard To Find Winstrol For Sale?

Because Winstrol is so popular, many people have absolutely no trouble finding it. Even in countries and locales where it is illegal to possess any form of anabolic steroid without a prescription, there are underground laboratories making very safe, potent forms of the drug.

However, users should be very cautious and only purchase the supplement from people they can trust. Some of the people out there who sell Winnie will attempt to sell less potent versions that have been “cut” with other substances or that contain none of the active ingredients.

Some of the gyms out there that are home to athletes will also sell Winstrol off the books. This is also a bit dangerous in locations where the steroid is not legal to possess, at it puts both the buyer and the seller in quite a predicament if they are caught.

What’s more, it should be mentioned that many competitions require drug screening that looks for anabolic steroids in particular. Any trace could mean disqualification, so be sure you use them wisely.

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Where Can I Buy Winstrol Online?

The best way to discover the answer to “What is Winstrol?” is to find a reputable online merchant. Though it may seem silly to order something like this, there are ways to go about making sure that you get a fair deal. Steroid forums are abundant and while everything you read must be taken with a grain of salt, you can usually get information about the best and most reputable online merchants if you take the time to do your research.

The best places to buy Winstrol online are the sites of the pharmaceutical companies that produce it. Some of these will not ship to countries in which possession is not legal, but others will. Bear in mind that if you choose to have Winnie shipped to you and you are in a location where it is illegal to possess or use steroids without a prescription, you will be assuming any and all legal risks involved.

Known Side Effects
  • High LDL cholesterol
  • Male Pattern Baldness (Hair Loss)
  • Chronic Acne
  • Liver Failure
  • High Blood Pressure
Alternative Names
  • Winstrol Depot (Injectable)
  • Winny
  • Winni V
  • Stanozolol
Known Benficials
  • Improved Strength
  • Increase In Energy
  • Increased Testosterone Levels
  • Low Water Retention
  • Rapid Mass Gains
Science Of Winstrol
  • Stanozolol
  • Rating: Anabolic: 320 Androgenic: 30
  • Half Life: 8 – 9 Hours
  • Winthrop Laboratories (Sterling Drug)

Will Winstrol Pills Help Me Slimming?

Although Winstrol, or “Winni V” as it is called among regular users, is an anabolic steroid, its properties do not make it a very good bulking agent. It is more well-known for its ability to actually “harden” muscles and make them more defined. It is thermogenic, which means that it improves the body’s own natural metabolism, and can assist in losing unwanted body fat. It can be said that Winnie is the number one most popular cutting agent among athletes for both of these reasons.

While the answer to “What is Winstrol?” is that it is a cutting agent with fat loss properties, it is unfortunately one of the most liver toxic anabolic steroids out there. Essentially, with overdose or prolonged use, it can cause liver failure. It should be used for very short periods of time and at the lowest effective dose in order to avoid the harmful Winstrol side effects. It can drastically lower the levels of HCL, which is known as “good” cholesterol. When this occurs, the risk of heart attack and stroke increases dramatically. Taking the supplement responsibly reduces these risks and makes it quite safe.


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Is Winstrol for Women?

Another fantastic (and surprising) answer to the question, “What is Winstrol?” is the fact that it can be taken relatively safely by women. In most cases, women are strongly discouraged from using anabolic steroids at all due to the risk of virilization, or the development of male features. However, Winstrol side effects are relatively mild in that regard. It works well as a bulking agent in women, too, as it promotes only a small amount of muscle mass during each cycle.

As far as its weight loss properties are concerned, women can also benefit greatly. Women often have hard-to-lose areas, such as their arms and thighs, which persist despite their best attempts. Winstrol’s ability to both define muscle and promote weight loss can be a great way to achieve the desired results. As always, women should pay close attention so they can catch any Winstrol side effects early; though it is not as big of a risk with Winstrol, virilization can still occur.

Winstrol Stacking

A Winstrol stack is any combination of Winstrol and another supplement, hormone or drug that is designed to enhance the desired results. Winstrol is often combined with testosterone in order to promote proper levels of the hormone in the bloodstream, and it is sometimes combined with fat-cutting agents like Clenbuterol to buff the physique even more. There are literally hundreds of different Winstrol stacks out there from which athletes can choose, and it will sometimes take a bit of experimentation to determine which is best for an individual body.

Known Stacking Combination

  • Winstrol + Testosterone
  • Winstrol + Equipoise + Testosterone
  • Winstrol + Deca Durabolin + Testosterone
  • Winstrol + Anadrol + Deca Durabolin

Winstrol Cycling

A Winstrol cycle refers to a period of time during which the supplement will be used. It is not an everyday supplement; it is one that should be used in relatively short bursts to provide the maximum results. Long-term use can result in detrimental Winstrol side effects, and this is particularly true in women.

Beginners should stick to cycles lasting about six to eight weeks, intermediate users can up this to about 10 weeks if tolerated, and experienced users should never go longer than 12 to 14 weeks.

Example Bulking Cycle

  • Weeks 1-6: Test 50mg Equipose 50mg Winstrol 10mg Daily
  • Weeks 7-12 Test 50mg Equipose 50mg Daily
  • Weeks 13-16 Test 50mg Equipose 50mg Trenbolone 5mg Daily
  • Weeks 17-20 Test 50mg Equipose 50mg Winstrol 5mg Daily

So, What Is Winstrol?

It is a powerful and popular anabolic steroid with fantastic cutting properties that can provide harder, leaner, more defined muscles. It may also be used to help burn excess body fat to provide a lean and ripped physique.